Sunday, 29 July 2012

Make way for the next generation of Mobile Recruitment Websites from ZOD

The next generation of Mobile Recruitment Websites designed and built by Zero-One Design Ltd has been launched. It comes with enhanced navigation a new design and layout, social media integration and sharing, online applications and registering for jobs by email.

Mobile Recruitment website design is a specialist service and is now considered to be an essential tool to any Recruitment Business.Over the past 4 Years the use of hand held devices has grown dramatically with new high performance hybrid phones on the market now from Apple,HTC and RIM. Over 28 Million People now browse the internet using their mobile phones and over 3 Million People use their mobiles to search for Jobs.Professionals are no longer sitting at their desk waiting patiently for that important call or email from an employer but instead are on the go.

This is why mobile recruitment is now playing a much, much bigger role in how employers connect to candidates. Candidates are also more proactive and on the ball when applying for Job Opportunities too, they look to waste no time at all in order to be one step ahead of their competitors. The demand for up to date information on new Positions as they arise is crucial.It is an invaluable asset to all recruitment companies to ensure they are able to effectively connect with their target audience from anywhere, at any time.

Research has also shown that mobile jobseekers prefer the following functionality when using a mobile recruitment website: Job Search, Job Alert Registration, Application Status, Information on the Recruitment Process, CV & Application Tips, Contact Details of Company, Events/News Calendar, Share Page/Site and Share through Social Media.

It is therefore necessary that you have a fully mobile compatible website which includes all the aforementioned. Most websites are NOT totally mobile compatible and are difficult to use on a hand held device make sure that your site has its own mobile compatible website and be with the forerunners.

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Influx of activity in demand for online recruitment services.

ZOD sees increase in Recruitment Companies demand for enhanced online presence.

Over the past few Months we have witnessed a swell in the Recruitment sector in the demand for an enhanced online presence. With requests coming from the UK, Hong Kong and other locations for new Recruitment websites, Jobs Boards and Mobile Compatible sites.

2011 was certainly an interesting year for Recruitment with the current climate and success in the industry has varied from sector to sector. One thing is for sure that is has been tougher for all than a few Years ago and companies have been more focused than ever on the quality of their service to win and maintain business. It appears that because of this it has never been more important for recruitment companies to market their businesses through the use of the internet and the array of online marketing tools available to them including bespoke recruitment Facebook pages, automated Twitter feeds for news and Jobs, Recruitment websites, mobile compatible websites and online PR. Mobile Compatible Recruitment websites are very much on the rise as more and more companies realize the importance of connecting with their Candidates through the use of their hand held devices.

2012 looks set to see this specialist service continue to grow exponentially with better devices and storage in the cloud which means mobile websites are becoming faster and more efficient to use. The important thing to remember is that whether you like it or not you have a mobile website it’s down to you whether you want to have a website that is very difficult to navigate or apply for jobs on. Zero-One have also seen an increase in the demand of quality content on the sites we build as it appears the impetus is on engaging clients and candidates and emiting proficiency, professionalism and experience. Our Clients are always looking to be steps ahead of their competitors and increase brand awareness.

Our Clients also have their eyes firmly on SEO and how they can build ranking , making sure again that their search terms, meta tags and key words are all precise and relevant to their business. They seem to be much more diligent with the content they are submitting to us which in turn makes for a more credible site. We find ourselves now working more closely with our Clients than ever and we are NOT complaining.

Bring it On!


Saturday, 28 July 2012

New website for Source1uk has been launched.

Dental recruitment company source1uk have launched their new website. Zero-One Design Ltd based in Tamworth, Staffs created their website.

Here's an exerpt from their press release:

Source1uk arose as a means of creating a more efficient and simpler way for anyone affiliated with dentistry to interact with each other and find anything to do with the dental profession.

Source1uk covers Dental Recruitment: Jobs Board, Recruitment Consultancy. Education: Teaching Institutes, Training Courses and Study Clubs, Membership Organisations, Journals and Articles/Forum. Classifieds: Service Provider, Dentalbay and many more.

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ID Search and Selection launch new website.

ID Search and Selection specialises in recruiting for all levels of staff within the medical and healthcare communications marketplace. Their new website was designed by Zero-One Design Ltd based in Tamworth, Staffs.

Here's an exerpt from their launch press release:

We service the UK domestic market as well as working internationally in Europe and the United States. We are truly committed to providing a first class service to both our clients and candidates alike.

Some of the main areas in which we recruit along with the types of role that we fill are as follows: Medical Education Jobs: Senior Management, Medical Director, Client Services. Healthcare Public Relations Jobs: Product Managers, Patient Engagement, Marketing Directors. Healthcare Advertising Jobs: Editorial Staff, Account Director, Brand Managers. Pharmaceutical Market Research: Research Director, Senior Manager and many many more.

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New Website is Launched for Cloud Careers.

Cloud Careers launch new website. Website design specialists Zero-One design Ltd, based in Tamworth, staffs, created Cloud Careers new website.

Here is an exerpt from their press release:

We offer a customised, professional, bespoke service, focusing on best value for our clients, supporting fully integrated recruitment solutions and reinforcing client brand. Industry expertise, we are dedicated to Cloud Computing and assisting clients within this rapidly expanding marketplace. Cloud Careers have successfully built up a reputation as a leading talent provider within the Cloud Computing sector.

We focus on supplying Sales, Executive and Technical Staff and we have built up an impressive reputation with the very best talent in your market place. We invest a lot of time on social networking and cloud events, quiet often the people you want are currently working and we have positioned ourselves to be able to easily communicate with individuals who aren't on the open market, via our various groups and networking channels.

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